Rosalia underlines that the look from the 2000s is still in style this year and reminds us that this brand was once again a favorite in our closets.

Being able to wear "Y2K" attire once more would be a source of pride if Tuenti were still around. There were two main fashion trends back when millennials were addicted to this social network and when, like BeReal, there were very few working filters. On the one hand, there were the more traditional girls, who wore polo shirts with miniskirts made of denim, gold ballerinas, and short handbags from surf companies like Roxy. On the other hand, all those who dared to step forward and already anticipated that genderless fashion could become part of our wardrobe at some point, with oversized trainers - like the Buffalo - and oversized t-shirts. Of course, they all admired the same company: El Nio, as Rosala just confirmed with one of her most recent outfits.

On her Instagram feed, the Catalan, who specializes in making all the garments we keep forgetting into a trend, has posted a carousel of images in which she poses extremely naturally. The two that stick out are the two where she is dressed in a way that reminds us of our teen years. Rosala demonstrated to us that she is still a fan of El Nio by wearing an oversized green T-shirt with the logo on the breast, which suggests that this brand is likely to reclaim our closets.

Rosala's publishing served as a reminder of our collective fondness for El Nio during the first ten years of the twenty-first century.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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